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Shaping Space Innovation !

Welcome to the EtherWing Space Research and Development Board—a dynamic platform dedicated to fostering curiosity and talent in individuals passionate about space exploration and satellite technology. Join our mission as we push the boundaries of space innovation!

Technical Committees

Your Path to Space Innovation

Ready to contribute to the future of satellite technology? Follow these steps to join our esteemed R&D committees and be a crucial part of shaping the next frontier in space exploration. 


Expression of Interest

Prospective members submit a brief detailing their background, interests, and the committee they wish to join.


Committee Selection

Applicants choose the R&D committee aligned with their expertise and passion


Initial Evaluation

Shortlisted candidates undergo an initial evaluation based on submitted materials.


Technical Assessment

Candidates participate in a comprehensive technical assessment, showcasing their skills and knowledge.


Interview Round

Successful candidates from the assessment phase proceed to an interview round with committee leads.


Final Selection

Committee leads make the final selection based on a candidate's overall fit and potential contributions.


Welcome to EtherWing R&D

Successfully selected candidates receive a warm welcome to the EtherWing R&D Board, initiating their journey of innovation and collaboration.

Let’s Work Together

EtherWing Aerospace Pvt. Ltd

Office# Rukmini Knowledge Park, Yelahanka, Kattigenahalli, Bengaluru, Sathanur, Karnataka 560064

Tel: +91 8008270087

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